Rainbow Shultz

Residency Chef Rainbow was born in Oregon and grew up in Vermont. She received a BFA in film production and later received a Masters degree in Social Work. Her work today teeters between these two studies, of art and people, and her favorite medium is food. She owns and operates a cafe and community meeting place in Jamestown Colorado, a small town in the mountains west of Boulder.  

Residency Artist Dinners

Swoon Artist Residency Dinners are a multi-sensory, creative dining experience which illuminates the work of the current Artist in Residence. Each meal is meticulously designed to reflect the work of the visiting artist- both visually, and conceptually. These meals are considered a culinary work of art, and are indicative of the attention to detail which goes into the creation of each event. It’s an opportunity to connect more intimately with the visiting artist, as well as other creatives in the community, and supporters of the program. It allows you to gain an inside look into the work and process of the artist, and to experience the unique and inspirational space that is the Swoon Art House; a one-of-a-kind, sustainable architectural phenomenon that has become a familiar landmark in Boulder.

Donor Dinners

A multi-sensory experience and dinner featuring artist Caledonia Curry.

Artist Dinner – Thursday, March 23, 2023
6PM cocktail hour | 7PM dinner
Invite only, email: info@swoonarthouse.com
@ Swoon Art House 4295 Broadway Boulder, CO 80304

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Customized Napkins

For pre-sale orders & past designs. E-mail: info@swoonarthouse.com

Flatlander Nights at the Museum

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