Rebecca DiDomenico was born in Greenbrae, California.  She attended school at Claremont College, Tribhuvan University in Nepal and graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in English Literature.  In DiDomenico’s world, there is no separation between art and life, studio and home.  Her work is concerned with the collision and interpenetration of various forms of nature, mythology, art history and metaphysics.  With her innate, relentless curiosity, DiDomenico casts the net of her imagination wide.  “I am interested in unexpected relationships, the way a spider web mimics a wheel, the commonality between Dr. Seuss and the Dali Lama, the resemblance between patterns in the constellations of the stars and the minute particles inside the human body.”


A selected list of her exhibitions, collections and publications includes Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver; Denver International Airport; San Francisco Craft & Folk Art Museum; Denver Art Museum; Artspace; Art Papers; Artweek; Marin Independent Journal; The Washington Post; Art in America; and The New York Times.