To be overcome by
ecstatic joy or rapture.



Everyone else is already taken.
(Oscar Wilde)

I don’t like to say

I have given my life to art.
I prefer to say art has given me life.
(Frank Stella)


Roots and Wings

But let the wing grow roots
And the roots fly.
(Juan Ramon Jimenez)

trust your heart

if the seas catch fire
(and live by love though
the stars walk backwards)

Swoon Art House

An art studio/house for artist, Rebecca DiDomenico,

Swoon is a transformative Art Space where large installation pieces are imagined and created.

A Sustainable rammed earth building exclusively run with geothermal and solar energy designed by Rebecca DiDomenico collaborating with architect and builder Mike Moore from tres birds workshop.


Visit didomenicostudio.com


A multimedia installation available for viewing by appointment only – info@swoonarthouse.com

BMoCA + Swoon International Artists Residency

The residence is part of The Swoon/BMoCA International Artists Residency, a collaborative that provides international artists with the residence/studio space, resources, time, and freedom to realize expansive works of their imagination. The residency fosters the growth of emerging and established artists by encouraging them to take risks, experiment, and explore their creativity. Selection of artists by invitation only.

River of Tears

Art installation at Swoon Art House

Materials: blue string lights